Bertha – The Tangerine Dream

Alright, I’ve talked about her in previous blogs so I thought I should Introduce her properly.

Bertha – The Tangerine Dream, a 2012 Specialized Big Hit, and my favourite bike. Bertha

There she is in all of her glory, just look at her, all Orange and chipped, what a thing of beauty!

Well I’ll tell you the story….. I’ve already told you that I bought a StumpJumper in August 16 and fell in love with MTB again. Well, around Christmas 16 I thought “I enjoy the Down Hill bits of my rides the most, maybe I should give that a go more.” I mentioned this to a friend of mine at work who immediately said to me “I’ve got a BigHit frame you can have for a case of beer”, an offer I instantly took him up on.

A week later he shouts me to the carpark at work and says “Remember that frame? Well I brought that….aaaand a load of other parts you probably want”, when I look in the boot of his car I see 90% of a Down Hill bike!! Excellent! Without really thinking I took the lot for what he was asking, frame for free and a few Pound Notes for the rest, and bring it all home.


Instead of listing what I did buy lets list what I didn’t get: A headset, a crankset, pedals. Heck, I even bought 2 different rate springs for the forks! Bargain!!

My intention was to take my time, strip the bike down completely, re-paint, then rebuild using second hand parts from the internet ready for when I felt like my skills had improved enough to need a DH bike.



I’m not good at waiting, so I bought all of the parts I needed by the end of February 17 and built Bertha as quickly as I could! And what a good job I did! I love riding DH and having the right bike certainly helps.

My new plan is to ride Bertha this season, and repaint/rebuild over winter, so I’ll be sure to bring you all along for the ride.

Well, thats Bertha.




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