Bike Park Wales!!!!

So back in March I booked the uplift service at BPW with a friend and the group he rides with. The day (Next Friday) is bearing down on us like an angry Rhino, and I’ve been sat on the sofa with an arm that barely works since I crashed out on Saturday morning.

Great!! Yeah…. I’m getting movement back in my arm way slower than I hoped and I’m in no less pain than I was in on Saturday. But I’ve already paid the £35 fee for the uplift, and I’ve spent weeks and all of my spare cash getting Bertha (my Down Hill bike) ready.

I’ve been watching so many YouTube Videos, reading articles and following their FaceBook feed like a mad stalker. I’m well aware that I don’t have the skill to tackle the Black or Expert lines (as proved by Saturday), but the Red and Blue lines look like so much fun. I’m sure that the day will help me improve my skills, though I wont be forking over any more money for the tuition…..or perhaps I should?

Well, I’ve given Bertha a good check over and she’s fine after the crash, so it looks like the whole trip is dependant on me getting some movement back in my arm.

If anyone has been to BPW and has any advice let me know in the comments! I’d love to build a community where we can all help each other, so feel free to offer advice or say hi.




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